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We are your trusted Legal Practitioner or Notary Public in Melbourne to attest, witness, verify and certify original documents.The services of a Notary Public may be required for the preparation, completion or witnessing of documents for use in overseas countries. As a Notary Public Eugenia Mitrakas can provide legal acts for official purposes, including with local or international government. We can also certify copies of original documents that can be used for identifying you for both locally and overseas purposes.

EMR Lawyers & Notary – Notary Public Melbourne

Eugenia Mitrakas was appointed a Notary Public in 1989. She has served on the Council of the Society of Notaries of Victoria including two terms as President of that Society.

As some overseas countries require documents to also be “Legalised” by an Embassy or Consulate or to be Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs. In providing services as a Notary PublicMelbourne, Eugenia Mitrakas will advise on the requirements for the proper completion of foreign documents and also would verify your original documents to certify that you are the person you say you are, so that your documents are ready for use both locally and internationally.

Checklist for Notarising Documents

In order to be efficiently assisted by the Notary Public you will need to schedule an appointment and bring the following:

  • Documents:The original documents to be inspected by the Notary Public should be intact and ready for notarisation. Also, have a copy of each original document and also hold off on signing your documents as few documents would be required to be signed in presence of the notary.
  • Identification: Bring the accepted identification to verify the signer’s identity.
  • Notary Fees: Bring the Notary Public’s fee

For further information on the Notary Public procedures or to get your documents notarized, Contact Us!