Eugenia Mitrakas & Co

Eugenia Mitrakas

Eugenia Mitrakas provides legal advice and notary public services in Melbourne, Victoria and Greece.

Firm Profile

At EMR  Lawyers & Notary we believe that success is achieved by setting objectives and planning strategies to achieve them. Establishing this discipline requires input from a number of external resources, with none more important than legal advice. Whether you are an individual, a small company or large corporation, obtaining professional advice regarding personal or business goals is paramount to achieving those goals. As a value-added-partner in your endeavours, we encourage every one of our clients to discuss their plans before making any financial or business commitments.

The cost-effective benefits of creating solid legal foundations, right at the start, may well mean avoiding expensive litigation or commercial complications in the future. The principal, Eugenia Mitrakas, has been actively pursuing her legal career since the late 1970s, accumulating a vast store of knowledge and experience in many diversified areas.

Mission Statement

At EMR  Lawyers and Notary our aim is to provide quality service to a dedicated client base, using a broad range of accumulated knowledge and sound advice to help develop their business and personal interests.

Greek Conference

Eugenia Mitrakas has been Chairman of The Greek Conference since its inception in 2002 and has chaired professional conferences in Australia and Greece for over two decades. The Greek Conference is a charitable organisation supporting the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.