Why You Should Seek Legal Advice from A Solicitor Specialising In Family Law, If You Are Separating from Your Partner

If you are separating from your partner, finding a good solicitor who specializes in family law and property law is essential. At the time of separation, emotions are running high. It can be tempting to put off seeking legal advice. However, obtaining advice from family lawyers in Melbourne early in the separation process gives you more time to organize the things that are important to you – your children, your home and your assets.

A family law specialist deals predominantly in family law issues and is up to date on the current changes in legislation and procedures. They will also have many contacts due to their expertise in the field. Contacts of property lawyers in Melbourne and throughout Australia can include realtors, counselors, accountants, and financiers.

When choosing property lawyers in Melbourne always seek recommendations. Ask family and friends if they know of a good family lawyer. Do some research on your lawyer. A great family lawyer:

  • Specialises in family law.
  • Is both logical and empathetic. Family lawyers deal with both financial assets and custody issues, as well as clients who are suffering emotionally while going through divorce proceedings. They need to be empathetic to your needs while remaining focused on your case.
  • Is someone that you relate well to.
  • Is experienced in family law and property cases.
  • Will appear in Court for you if necessary.
  • Communicates well and ensure that you understand what they are telling you. They should also listen actively.

Although a spouse cannot file for divorce until 12 months after separation you should seek legal advice early in the separation process, to enable your case to be processed thoroughly and quickly.

Take some time when choosing family lawyers in Melbourne, as well as in other areas of Australia. Always remember that if you are not happy with your property lawyer you can transfer your case to a different lawyer, or to another firm altogether. For more information on family law and separation contact us.