Getting Married Overseas

Are you getting married overseas? If you are, you will require a number of documents to be notarised to enable you to marry overseas.

If you are getting married in Greece in a civil wedding you will require the following documents notarised and translated into Greek:

  1. The birth certificate of each party;
  2. Certificate of no impediment to marry for each party;
  3. A copy of the photo page section of your passports.
  4. A Decree Nisi of Dissolution of Marriage if you have been married before.

All documents in English need to be translated by a NAATI registered translator.

Church Marriage: 

If you are getting married in a church in Greece, you will also need the Baptism Certificate evidencing that you were baptised in a Christian Church.

Eugenia Mitrakas was born in Greece and is an expert on the requirements of having a Greek wedding.  She can also advise you first hand as she was married to an Australian in a civil wedding on Santorini.

Eugenia has organised about 20 large international conferences of doctors and lawyers in Greece and is familiar with most large and small de lux venues throughout Greece and can advise you on both your selection of the venue and how to negotiate with the local authorities in selecting your venue and other service providers.

Santorini Weddings: A Little bit of Paradise:

This is the venue of my wedding on Santorini at The Tsitouras Collection. The ceremony was held next on the Maria Callas Roof Terrace next to Maria’s bronze portrait pointing to the sea.