How to Ensure Your Visit to a Public Notary Runs Smoothly

When you need to visit a Public Notary in Melbourne, a little preparation will ensure that your visit runs smoothly!We suggest the following:

  • Organise an Appointment

It is not likely that you will be able to see a Notary Public in Melbourne or in other areas of Australia without first scheduling some time with them.

  • Bring Adequate Identification

Bring as many forms of identification as possible to your appointment with your Public Notary in Melbourne, and be sure that the details on your identification are current. Your address needs to be up to date on your ID, and any other identification needs to be current. An expired license or passport is not a valid form of identification.

  • Bring All Forms and Associated Paperwork

Show the Notary any instructions that you have received from Australia or overseas so that they can be certain of whether they can meet your requirements in just one visit. If there is an email trail, send a copy to your Notary public via email.

  • Notary Public Charge a Fee

A Public Notary in Melbourne will charge a fee for their service. They may be able to give you a guideline of the fee range during a phone conversation, however, they will not be able to give you an exact fee until they have seen all of your documentation. Be prepared to pay on the day.

  • Save Time Where Possible

If multiple documents are required, it can be a good idea to print out copies for your Notary in Melbourne.

Emailing your Notary all of the information about your documentation before your appointment will give them an opportunity to go through the paperwork and ascertain everything that they need from you at the appointment. You may have to request additional documentation, or a translator, in order to have your documents certified.

Having your NotaryPublic ascertain exactly what is needed before your appointment will save time and you will, therefore, save on fees.

Attending your Public Notary appointment well prepared will see that your documents can be promptly attended to and will minimise the need for you to return to the Public Notary, or get them to copy documents and paperwork for you. This will save you time and money. Your documents will also be able to be lodged much faster! Contact us for an appointment with a NotaryPublic in Melbourne today.